Global Climate Change

Carbon dioxide (CO2), methane, and certain other pollutants are emitted into the air as gases from various industrial, transportation, and agricultural operations. Once in the air, these gases trap rays of heat emanating from the earth that otherwise would have discharged into the outer atmosphere. The gases act much like glass in a greenhouse, which has led to their being described widely as greenhouse gases (GHG). While the problem is popularly referred to as global warming, it is more accurate to describe it as global climate change resulting from the emission of GHG.

This matter-of-fact description belies the devastating consequences that will follow the warming of the globe from human activities.  Up to one quarter of all animal and plant species may be wiped out.  Seas will rise and flood low-lying areas, displacing millions of people.  The very vulnerable — the young and old and the poor— will be at the greatest risk from increasing heat and rising seas.  Economies will undergo drastic restructuring.  We need to act now to avoid the very worst consequences.

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